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Life: is a visual campaign that celebrates and promotes smart plastic-less practices through success stories.

A collection of photographs and stories about ordinary people who inadvertently reduced their plastic consumption benefiting both themselves and their communities. A series of experiences and settings that will prompt viewers with the opportunity to envision life in a different way, and to reflect upon the everyday choices and products that make up their lives. Making an emphasis on the meaning of convenience vis a vis waste, and providing an entry point for the much needed paradigm shift. Life: is devoted to show people that it is not only possible  to change our ways, but that there is in fact much to gain from doing so.

Latest News: Sneak Peek at the Fall

We are an open-source-do-tank devoted to finding and promoting design based solutions that can help tackle plastic marine debris. Creating comprehensive ways to illustrate some of the long-lasting implications that link this global phenomenon back to our everyday lifestyle. Working together with a variety of interest groups and stakeholders in re-defining the concept of waste as an unaccounted resource and future potential.


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a photo journey coming this fall

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